1. What is PrimeGive?

A new way of charity fundraising mechanism via web/apps technology by utilizing social media power and enterprises’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds to assist the unfortunates.

2. What is the objective of PrimeGive?

The constant living costs increment, as well as the wealth distribution inequality in the society, are getting worse with such gap widening by the seconds. By the way, life is so fragile. There are so many unwanted things happen around us everyday which have created many unfortunate people. For example, the only breadwinner of a family is met with an accident. All of a sudden, the only financial resource to feed every member of the family, the spouse, children and the elderly parents, are now gone. The result in such circumstance is the family has to depend on the charity help from society. But how much each of us can afford to make a donation like such in the long run? Furthermore, the example above is just one in thousands of cases. That is why personal resources have limitation. Therefore, there must a new way of charity fundraising involving the corporate world. You may be able to assist certain people alone with your personal capacity. But certainly, you will able to help even more and more people if we combine the force from each individual plus the resources of businesses.

3. Who owns and runs PrimeGive?

PrimeGive is owned by ILUSI PRIMA SDN BHD, an information technology (IT) solution and consulting company. It is one of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

4. How does PrimeGive work?

It needs 3 parties: a fundraiser, a sponsor and public. A fundraising campaign with a target amount would be started by the fundraiser. Then, the target amount should be sponsored by the sponsor (a corporate organization) under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Meanwhile, the public assists to spread the news of the fundraising campaign by clicking the "Give Hope" icon in PrimeGive website. In a nutshell, the fundraiser will get an amount of money which is sponsored by the sponsor based on the number of clicks completed by the public, while the sponsor gets a bit of publicity as “reward”.

5. Does PrimeGive cut any commissions or charges any processing fees from the sponsored amount?

No. The amount sponsored by the sponsor will be fully paid to the fundraiser directly where PrimeGive won’t be involving in the payment process.

6. How does the donation being paid to the fundraiser?

Once a case period has come to end, PrimeGive shall inform the sponsor about the actual amount (based on the number of clicks from the public) to be donated to the fundraiser. Then, the sponsor will pay the said amount directly to the fundraiser.

7. Does a company(sponsor) entitled for tax exemption when sponsoring a fundraising case?

It depends on the fundraiser. If the fundraiser has registered with the Ministry of Finance for tax exemption purpose, then the sponsor will be entitled to tax exemption based on the sponsored amount.

8. As a public, I wish to help more, how could I contribute my part to help the less fortunate besides clicking the “GiveHope” icon?

You can invite and influence more people in your circle to click the “GiveHope” icon for a case so that the case target can be achieved as soon as possible. Besides, you can also introduce more sponsors or fundraisers about this new idea in charity fundraising. Share on social media let more people aware of PrimeGive and its effort.

9. How to introduce more sponsors or fundraisers to PrimeGive?

Send the contact details of a sponsor or fundraiser such as contact person name, contact number or email to info@primegive.com. PrimeGive team will do the rest.